Just a bit messy / Twórczy nieład

Dzisiaj prezentuję moje miejsce pracy. Jest nim nic innego jak po prostu duży stół, wypełniony przeróżnymi koralikami, sznureczkami i wszystkim czego tylko potrzebuję. Przedstawiam jego nieposprzątaną wersję:)

Translation from polish:

(from the highest point, from right to left side till down side)

1. Box of chocolates- under no crircumstance try to think that it is really a box of chocolates. If you do so, you are just wrong! I noticed it has nice, 3 ‚floors’ and i decided to keep some of my jewellery there. (I have loads of it, believe me, and I can’t find any other place for it)

2. A lamp… Teoretically, just a normal one… but I would have never managed without her, when I am embroiding in the darkness. As I like practical gifts, I got it from my children, who couldn’t look at( me suffering of no light anymore.

3. Glue ‚kropelka’  – a very stron one… Noooo it is not like this, that sometimes I ‚help’ beads in my jewellery to fall off.  Don’t even try to think so!

4. Snickers- it is a common knowledge, tak after a hard work, everyone needs to eat sth good. (a great motivation)

Today I am going to show my place where I work… Hmmm it just just a big table filled with variety of different beads, ribbons, ropes and some things I use to sew with with etc.  Just have a look, if you want :)

+ sth extra, next earrings!


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